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Email notification requests provide a standard email message, but with some additional headers.

You can parse these headers if you want to perform more advanced notifications based on the arrival of an email message. While you are able to parse email headers, we generally recommend using the webhook notification if you want to do any advanced processing of the entry notification.

Email notifications are sent asynchronously with respect to the gate entry, so there might be a slight delay of a few seconds from when the gate was opened to when the email is received.

Door Attendant will attempt to retry the notification in the event of an error, up to three (3) times. After the third failed attempt, no more attempts will be made and you will not receive a notification email about the entry.

Email Subject

Subject Format: [Door Attendant] %{attendant_name}% Guest Entry

So, if your attendant was named "Apartment", then the subject would be [Door Attendant] Apartment Guest Entry.

Email Headers

X-Door-Attendant-Entry-IdThis identifies this specific entry event. If you receive an email more than once with the same Entry-Id, you can safely ignore it.
X-Door-Attendant-AttendantThe name of the attendant.
X-Door-Attendant-LocationThe name of the gate where the call was from. (If you have not specified a name, then this will be the same as the phone number)
X-Door-Attendant-Guest-NameThis is the name of the guest that entered. (This is only available if Access Control is enabled)
X-Door-Attendant-Guest-PinThis is the access code that a guest entered to open the gate. (This is only available if Access Control is enabled)

Sample Email Headers

X-Door-Attendant-Entry-Id: e3cbba8883fe746c6e35783c9404b4bc0c7ee9eb
X-Door-Attendant-Attendant: Apartment
X-Door-Attendant-Location: East Gate
Subject: [Door Attendant] Apartment Guest Entry

Sample Email Body

Hi Test User,

This is to notify you that a guest has entered your gate.

Attendant: Apartment
Location: East Gate
Date: 2017-02-11 05:44:48 UTC

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