Do I have to install anything at my apartment complex?

No. Door Attendant uses an existing dial-entry system. If visitors to your apartment enter your name on a directory, and then you receive a phone call (and push a number to open the gate) then you can use Door Attendant.

What is an attendant?

An attendant is a specific phone number that the dialer on your gate will call.

How many attendants will I need?

Usually, you would have one attendant for each apartment/house you own. Even if your apartment has multiple distinct gates, as long as they can all call the same number, you only need a single attendant.

My apartment complex dialer only calls local numbers, can I still use this?

Yes. Each attendant is allocated a phone number in the area code you specify. Be sure to specify an area code that is the same as your gate dialer.

My apartment complex has nearly 5 gates... will I need to pay for each gate?

No. In most cases, each gate has a separate phone number that it calls from, but all calls go to the same phone number (your phone). You would only need a single attendant.

Won't this just let anybody in? I dont want that!

You can add access control to your gate entry that will require visitors to enter a 4-digit PIN code in order to open the gate. This would allow you to determine who entered, and would prevent unauthorized guests from entering.

How will I know when someone enters my apartment gate?

We have many different notification types. You can see a full list of notification types on the home page. When a guest enters your gate, you can receive any number of notifications alerting you to the entry.

What if I decide to cancel?

You may cancel at any time. Your attendant will be disabled and the phone number attached to it will be released. At this time, we do not offer refunds.

My gate currently uses my Google Voice number, can I use Door Attendant with Google Voice?

Yes, you can. You can add your attendant number as a phone in Google Voice, and have calls from your gate forwarded directly to Door Attendant. If you have trouble adding the number to Google Voice, contact us right away and we can help out.

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