Get alerted when a visitor enters your gate. We offer many different notifications, from text messages to custom web hooks, to MQTT.

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Access Control

Control who enters your apartment/condo by requiring users to enter an access code to open the gate. Each user can be assigned an individual 4-digit entry code.

Individual PINs

Each potential guest can have his/her own unique PIN code. When they enter, you will receive a notification that indicates which guest entered.

Guest Entry Logs

When you enable access control, your entry logs will clearly indicate which guest entered.

<Guest dials directory number>
Please enter your access code
Access Granted or Access Denied
<If PIN is valid, gate is opened>

Notification sent:
"John has entered via Front Gate"

Entry Logs

You can review entry logs to see exactly when your gate was opened. If your apartment/condo complex uses a different number for different gates, then you can even see where a visitor entered from.

For attendants with Access Control enabled, you can also see which guest entered via PIN code.

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Local Phone Number

Within each supported country, you can get a local number for each attendant that you can give to your apartment/condo complex.

Supported Countries
Gbcoming soon

Fully Customizable

You are able to fully customize all phrases said by your attendant.

You can change the words and language for the greeting as well as any access granted/denied statements.