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This page provides documentation on the request format of the Webhook Notification option.

Requests will be made using either a HTTP POST or HTTP GET request, depending on the selection made when creating the notification.

Webhook requests are made asynchronously with respect to the entry, so there might be a slight delay of a few seconds from when the entry occurred to when the request was received.

Door Attendant will attempt to retry the notification in the event of an error, up to three (3) times. After the third failed attempt, no more attempts will be made and your endpoint will not receive a notification about the entry.

Request Parameters

EntryIdThis identifies this specific entry event. If you receive a request more than once with the same EntryId, you can safely ignore it.
EntryTimeThe date and time that this entry event occurred.
AttendantIdThis is identifies the specific Attendant that the request was for.
AttendantNameThe name of the attendant.
LocationPhoneNumberThe phone number of the location where the call originated.
LocationNameThe name of the location where the call was from. (If you have not specified a name, then this will be the same as the phone number)
GuestPINThis is the access code that a guest entered to open the gate/door. (This is only available if Access Control is enabled)
GuestNameThis is the name of the guest that entered. (This is only available if Access Control is enabled)

Your Response

A successful acknowledgement of the notification should be indicated with a response code of 2xx. All other responses will be assumed to be an error.